Are you frustrated by unproductive meetings? 

Drive innovation, align and motivate your team with problem-solving workshops.

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The Problem

Have you experienced ineffective meetings that leave your team feeling frustrated and unhappy?

  • Meetings that are unproductive with circular discussions leading to more meetings.
  • Discussions are dominated by the loudest person in the room.
  • Brainstorming sessions lead to “groupthink” instead of innovation.
  • Teams lose momentum when projects encounter indecision and drag on too long.

The Solution

Avoid ineffective meetings by replacing them with facilitated Design Sprints and Strategy Workshops!

  • Substitute unstructured discussion with a clear process that leads to tangible, actionable results.
  • Align your diverse team on a challenge and common goal.
  • Allow all participants to share their thoughts, vote on issues, and offer viable solutions.
  • Provide the structure and space needed to foster innovation and creativity while avoiding “groupthink”.
  • Save a lot of time and resources.

Design Sprints & Strategy Workshops

Design Sprints
The premier workshop for solving big problems, testing and validating new ideas in one week instead of potentially months. This process was developed at Google and is used by companies such as Twitter, Lego, GE, Netflix, Adidas and the UN.
Strategy Workshops
Our Strategy Workshops and Brand Strategy Workshops will help your team align on your purpose and goals, and build a roadmap with actionable steps. 
Lightning Decision Jam
LDJ is an innovation and decision-making workshop for almost any situation.  It's an ideal way for your team to experience the benefits of this workshop process in only two hours.

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Design Sprints, Innovation & Strategy Workshops

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