Team collaboration and innovation workshops

We facilitate outcome-focused workshops for diverse teams that are efficient, inclusive, and enjoyable (remote or in-person). These design thinking, design sprints, and innovation workshops provide the structure needed to help corporate teams and startups: launch projects, solve challenges, design products, and make big decisions.

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The Problem

Are ineffective meetings leaving your team feeling frustrated and unhappy?

  • Discussions are dominated by the loudest person in the room.
  • Brainstorming sessions lead to “groupthink” instead of innovation.
  • Momentum is lost with indecision and circular discussions leading to more meetings.

The Solution

Replace unstructured meetings with a clear process that leads to tangible, actionable results.

  • Align your diverse team on a challenge and common goal.
  • Encourage innovation and allow all participants to contribute ideas while avoiding “groupthink”.
  • Get results quickly, saving valuable time and resources.

Workshop Facilitation | Design Thinking | Design Sprints | Team Building

Design Thinking

Design thinking is a human-centered approach for solving complex problems with the end user in mind. Our applied Design Thinking workshops can help teams in any type of company to define challenges, innovate, set priorities, and make decisions. They are also great for team-building,  retrospectives, or to kick-off a project. 

Design Sprints

Solve a big challenge and validate new ideas in a week instead of months.  Build a prototype and test with users to learn fast and iterate. Gain clarity and align your team with Product Strategy Workshops and Design Sprints.

These workshops can be held remotely or in-person.

Strategy workshops

Our Strategy and Brand Strategy workshops will help your team align, set goals, and strategies for the coming year or quarter. 

These strategy sessions can also be optimized for your next Team Offsite or Corporate Retreat.

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We facilitate Design Thinking and Innovation Workshops for remote teams.

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